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Directory of Expertise

USIM is one of the referred centre in integration of Aqli and Naqli knowledge and we offer world-class expertise across a huge range of subjects. Our academics are leading lights in their fields, experts on subjects as diverse in range from Quran and Sunnah to Science and Technology. The Directory of Experts includes information and contact details for members of staff who you may contacted for any media or consultancy work engagement, and is constantly updated.



“Keberkatan doa ibu adalah kekuatan saya ”- Dr. Ahmad Kamil Jamilin

Petikan ucapannya selaku wakil graduan dalam Majlis Konvokesyen ke-16 USIM pada November lalu tular di media sosial dan mendapat perhatian masyarakat. Intipati ucapan Dr. Ahmad Kamil Jamilin, 33 tahun yang menamatkan pengajian Ijazah Doktor [...]

“Jauh di mata dekat di hati”

Ziarahkasih@USIM merupakan program ziarah santai kepada insan-insan yang telah menamatkan perkhidmatan di USIM khususnya pesara. Ia merupakan platform bagi menyantuni dan mengenang jasa kepada mereka sebagai mantan pentadbir USIM yang telah bertungkus lumus memberi [...]

Reconstructive Perception: Harnessing Cultural Arts in Human Lives- Ismail Ahmed

By shouldering the trust given by the university as Director of the USIM Cultural Centre, Mister Ismail Ahmed has a great vision, mission and direction to steer this department. For him, the Cultural Centre [...]

Little Free Library (LFL) to cultivate the IQRA’ culture – Pn. Nor Azzah Momin

The concept of a tiny house, such as a birdhouse, is interesting and unique when it is materialised in the form of the Little Free Library (LFL). The Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM) [...]

Zainuddin leverages knowledge from studies to create his own product

The encouragement and opportunities provided by lecturers at the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), encouraged Alumni of Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), Muhammad Zahaby Zainuddin, 28, to create more success in his areas [...]

18th June 2000 marked a significant event for USIM as its eldest staff contributed to its establishment

18th June 2000 marked a significant event for USIM 18th June 2000 is a memorable date for the whole member of Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), which is formerly known as Kolej Universiti Islam [...]

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