USIM with full determination and commitment to realize its mission, vision and objectives of the institution in order to become a pioneering university based on Islamic studies and became a leader of knowledge using the latest technology that is able to contribute to society, the nation and the world in line with the motto “Knowledge, Discipline and Devout “, and with the permission of Allah Almighty promised to meet customers’ rights as follows:

To our Students

  • To prepare academic courses based on the integration of Aqli and Naqli in various field accredited by the government and professional bodies which fulfils the demands of the industry.
  • To provide the best services and facilities which oriented at integrating and supporting learning and teaching process.
  • To ensure students are graduating on time after fulfilling the graduation condition.

To our Staff

  • To provide facilities and a conducive working space and a comprehensive range of  technology for smooth work processes in line with the distribution of needs of the staff.
  • To provide training opportunities which orientated on the concept of Naqli and Aqli to staff in fulfilling the needs of training for at least 7 days in a year to help in their career expansion.
  • To provide career opportunity for academic and administration staff in line with the objective of the university.

To our Country

  • To produce graduates that is based on the knowledge of Aqli & Naqli.
  • To produce research and publications based on the integration of Aqli & Naqli that is able to contribute to the expansion of knowledge for the country, religion and humanity.