USIM Quality Objectives

  1. To give excellent services that satisfy and exceed our clients’ requirements and expectations.
  2. To develop and uphold a professional collaborative working environment between our staff and clients.
  3. To be below the estimated expenditure for all components and to be able to utilize  it at its optimal level.

Q Policies

USIM pledges to be a public university of higher learning of international standards for Islamic education and Shariah needed through the continuous use of Quality Management Systems and strives to improve this practice continuously in:

  • Providing services that fulfil the needs of the university’s clients and stakeholders;
  • Providing an efficient and quality education and management system in upholding  Islamic Education that is relevant to the society’s needs; and
  • Incorporating “Good practice” in order to produce Islamic intellects who possess holistic knowledge/integrated knowledge and produce human capital who appreciates the following motto:

“Knowledgeable, Disciplined and Devout”