USIM is a unique and renowned university in Malaysia as the delivery of its knowledge integrates the Naqli and Aqli knowledge

Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia adopts a balanced approach between the physical and spiritual aspects, not only in the academic programmes offered, but it is also widely practised throughout the university including administration and management levels. USIM embraces a holistic approach towards the delivery of knowledge, which unites the revealed knowledge (Naqli) and acquired knowledge (Aqli).

The Integration of Knowledge

The education paradigm at USIM is based on the basic principle that integrating revealed knowledge (Naqli) and acquired knowledge (Aqli), will not only provide a more comprehensive understanding of current global challenges, but also offer a fresh alternative in approaching and solving them. USIM graduates are moulded within this ethos, so that they are not only be able to function professionally in their respective disciplines effectively, but at the same time are ready to contribute and make a difference to the society.

USIM is committed to be excellent in three structures in terms of its academic programmes and research. The structures are:

  • Islamic Studies, Quran and Sunnah

  • Islamic Science, Technology and Engineering

  • Islamic Arts, Social Science and Humanities

Key Facts

Academic Programmes
Graduate Employbility
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