USIM has been empowering its research activities towards producing well-known scholars and publishing high quality impact research with national and global recognition. This is in conjunction with USIM’s vision to emerge as a regionally and globally referred university in the integration of Naqli and Aqli knowledge. The research gallery highlights the latest research and innovations by USIM academicians.


Muamalat Interactive Game (Community Edition)

BACKGROUND Muamalat Interactive Game (MIG) is a game-based educational tool that i) promotes inclusive economic development by inculcating the spirit of gift economy, ii) promotes awareness on managing personal finance that strikes the balance between individual and community wealth, iii) exposes the players to Islamic banking, investment and social finance instruments. MIG is a [...]


Gamifikasi Dalam Pendidikan: Global Zakat Game (v2.0)

BACKGROUND Kutipan zakat di Malaysia masih belum mencapai tahap yang maksimum. Pada 2015, hanya 260 ribu daripada 3 juta rakyat Selangor yang menunaikan zakat harta. Antara faktor yang menyumbang kepada masalah ini adalah tahap kefahaman dan kesedaran masyarakat terhadap kewajipan berzakat masih lagi rendah. Justeru, kesedaran dan kefahaman terhadap kepentingan dan kewajipan berzakat perlu [...]



BACKGROUND Needle phobia affects at least 10% of the population. As stated in the study dental fear and anxiety are frequently associated with the use of needles and syringes for local anesthesia (Ribeirão Preto 2015). The main reason of anxious behaviors and defensive reactions is because of painful perception during the administration of local [...]



BACKGROUND e-PRASMO was created to battle the high cost and excessive time involved in the implementation of teaching practicum where supervisors visit the supervisees at the latter’s workplaces (schools). e-PRASMO or electronic Practicum Assessment Model functions as an online platform to allow the traditional supervision to be performed. Created in 2015, e-PRASMO 1.0 consisted [...]



BACKGROUND i-Sign QurANIS is an interactive courseware for the deaf in learning basics of Quran and Ibadah (Worship). It will assist the Muslim Deaf community in understanding Islamic fundamental elements. The main objective of the development is to fulfill the spiritual needs of the Muslim Deaf Community based on their skills, strengths and learning [...]


Hamoody Flash Card

BACKGROUND HAMOODY FLASH CARD is a game designed as a tool to enhance the speaking skills among non-native Arabic learners especially those who are not in the Arabic surrounding and environment. The concept of this flash card game is closely related to learners’ daily activities. This game consists of 2 parties (judge and residents) [...]


Cross Lingual Naqli Aqli Integrated Semantic Search Engine (NAISSE)

BACKGROUND e-PRASMO was created to battle the high cost and excessive time involved in the implementation of teaching practicum where supervisors visit the supervisees at the latter’s workplaces (schools). e-PRASMO or electronic Practicum Assessment Model functions as an online platform to allow the traditional supervision to be performed. Created in 2015, e-PRASMO 1.0 consisted [...]


USIM Shelter

BACKGROUND USIM SHELTER missions is to spearhead innovative solutions in the modular industrialized building system which enhance the design layout of an energy efficient solar home which embed the design and technology with additional of Islamic principle and ethics in achieving a balanced human dwelling. USIM Shelter design layout in modular system is designated [...]


NAISE 1.0 : Cross Lingual Information Retrieval With QuHex Indexing Model

BACKGROUND In nursing bedridden patient, the health-care workers and home caregivers are required to constantly lift the patient’s back in order to prevent septicaemia and to mobilize the patient as to prevent bedsores, ulcers, deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. However, due to the current techniques of lifting patient and number of patients needed [...]


MIG – Muamalat Interactive Game

BACKGROUND MIG© (Muamalat Interactive Game©) is an innovation that incorporates the concepts and operations for retail products offered by Islamic banks. This game involves the participants (contracting parties) using retail muamalat Islamic banking products for personal financial management. These financial products utilise Islamic contracts such as ijarah,tawarruq, rahnu, musharakah mutanaqisah, murabahah and other supporting contracts. [...]


I-TALK PISKEB (Perisian Interaktif Audio Buku Pendidikan Islam Sekolah Kebangsaan Bagi Oku Penglihatan)

BACKGROUND Interviews with several teachers at special education schools revealed that lack of Braille reference materials is one of the key barriers in increasing the potential of visually impaired students. Thus, i- Talk PISKEB is developed as a problem solver to the current situation. It is a tool to teach Pendidikan Islam for students with [...]


Mobile Intravenous Drip

BACKGROUND Intravenous therapy is the infusion of liquid substances directly into a vein. Intravenous therapy may be used to correct electrolyte imbalances, to deliver medications, for blood transfusion or as fluid replacement to correct, for example, dehydration and also can be used for chemotherapy. Compared with other routes of administration, the intravenous route is the [...]


Novel Marine Bio-Waste Active Ultrafiltration (MBA-UF) Membrane For Dyes Waste Water Treatment

BACKGROUND This study focused on pioneering work on the development of Marine Bio-waste Active Ultrafiltration (MBA-UF) Membrane for dyes waste water  treatment. The environmental and subsequent health effects of dyes released in textile industry wastewater are becoming subject to scientific scrutiny. By using well-established phase inversion process, new formulation of MBA-UF membrane with present of [...]


Duplo Box

BACKGROUNDDuplo box was developed to help the clinician and dental technologist in making a new denture using the existing denture. This technique is known as copy denture technique. Copy denture technique started in 1970’s and since then, it developed into various procedures. Neuromuscular adaptation on new denture can be achieved faster and easier using this [...]



BACKGROUND IMREADY is an intelligent and a comprehensive mobile analysis application to detect any mobile malwares attacks especially the mobile botnet. It is inspired by genetic algorithm, easy to use, self-intelligent database generation. It is a must have app for everyone and ready to use at your fingertip! Practicality & Usefulness: A comprehensive and an [...]


MYEMA | Entrepreneur Monitoring Apps

BACKGROUND Monitoring is a major issue for some agencies that issue capital or loans to entrepreneurs. The agencies provide capital for entrepreneurs to ease and facilitate entrepreneurship in terms of budgetary as well as financial capital. MyEma version 3.0 is an apps that can monitor entrepreneur performance on a daily basis while incorporating other modules [...]


NAISE 1.0 : Cross Lingual Information Retrieval With QuHex Indexing Model

BACKGROUNDNAISE 1.0 allow query in one language targeted to documents in a different language through QuHex Indexing model in the form of machine language understood by computers. QuHex Indexing is a unique representation in binary, independent of the original language that optimize space and search speed. The Contributions is To Bring Natural Languages Closer to [...]


Duta Jauhar : Enjoyable Indigenous Sustainable Learning Module

BACKGROUND The invention presents indigenous sustainable learning modul among the indigenous people (Semelai) in Malaysia. The module connects enjoyable, interactive and meaningful learning to children’s indigenous experiences and concepts to children’s lives to provide sustainable learning. Duta Jauhar : Enjoyable Indigenous Sustainable Learning Module Prof Madya Datin Dr Sapora Sipon [...]


Model Indeks Penentuan Had Tempoh Mualaf

BACKGROUND This study identifies the limitations period convert set by the States in Malaysia and identify the index measure for determination of the appropriate period of limitation apply to convert in Malaysia. The study suggests a limit period of up to eight (8) years to measure the understanding, strengthening and stability of one’s Islamic [...]


Smart Iqra’’ Braille

BACKGROUND It is a tools to teach the basic step of reading the Quran in Braille for students with visual impairment, a method which is the first in the world to use computer applications. It is the result from the process of transcription of Iqra’ textbooks into Braille based on specifications of Braille textbooks format [...]


X-Dent Box

BACKGROUND Within any dental laboratory, the dusts generated during routine procedures by dental technicians such as trimming and polishing acrylic dentures and orthodontics appliances can’t be avoided. The floating dusts in the dental laboratory created a dirty and dusty workplace. It has been worse reported that the dental technicians may be exposed to potentially harmful [...]


MMS For Decision-Making Process In Critical Medical Treatment Module

BACKGROUND This model envisions the Model of Maqasid al-Shariah (MMS) for decision-making process in critical medical treatment. The underlying principle is the preservation of life as the central objective in Islamic biomedical ethics and how significance of this objective influences the decision in medical interventions. There are three medical cases extrapolated for this purpose; abortion [...]


Chicken Eggshells (CHES) Membrane for Proteins Separation

BACKGROUND The synthesis of novel ultrafiltration membranes from chicken eggs shell waste was addressed. The novel CHES-UF membranes is designed and developed by IMTL@USIM. From highly abundant chicken eggs shell bio-waste, a special bio-active compounds was synthesized via a wet/dry chemical method. With an excellent properties, a special polymeric formulation was prepared. In bridging a [...]


Informer on Site

BACKGROUND ‘Informer on Site’ is one of prototype mobile application for informing disaster complaint with site pictures and location using the smartphones. The report information is automatically delivered to the officer in charge for prompt response to the civil complaints by identifying the location and situation according to in-formation initially provided by community via the [...]



BACKGROUND In order to help society in proper credit card management, we propose Easy Payment Plan or known as EZ Pay version 1.1. The EZ Pay 1.1 is a combination of four apps which are Easy payment plan, credit card manager, calculator and spending tracker.The EZ Pay version 1.1 is an upgraded software product from [...]


Program Cinta Ilmu Masyarakat Orang Asli

BACKGROUND This is a knowledge-cultivating programme organised at Kampung Segamat Kecil, Segamat, Johor. A module in education, personal and social identity in the life of Aboriginal people was developed. It includes elements of entrepreneurship as well as branding of agricultural products. The modules can be applied among children, adults and seniors of the indigenous peoples. [...]