Project Description


‘Informer on Site’ is one of prototype mobile application for informing disaster complaint with site pictures and location using the smartphones. The report information is automatically delivered to the officer in charge for prompt response to the civil complaints by identifying the location and situation according to in-formation initially provided by community via the service. The Inform-er on Site service is focus on four cases and there are flood, landslide, haze and typhoon. First, writing the message. Second, it needs to attach the photo or video. Finally, it need to select (or search) the using GPS for report. The community are able to check progress of the report and results complaints are sent via SMS in real time, community can evaluate satisfaction of results through the application.

Informer on Site

Prof. Madya Datin Dr. Sapora Sipon
Prof. Dr. Norita Binti Md Norwawi, Nik Nadian Nisa Binti Nik Nazli
ITEX 2015

  • Gold Medal

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