Project Description


This study focused on pioneering work on the development of Marine Bio-waste Active Ultrafiltration (MBA-UF) Membrane for dyes waste water  treatment. The environmental and subsequent health effects of dyes released in textile industry wastewater are becoming subject to scientific scrutiny. By using well-established phase inversion process, new formulation of MBA-UF membrane with present of important key materials, active agent (AA) and hydroxyapetite (HA). The role of HA materials for producing of low pressure MBA-UF was also discovered which is below than 2 bars, experimental data on the dyes treatment showed about 95% of color removal and 80% of COD rejection. Moreover, modeling data on key properties that are pore size, surface charge and morphological structures of the MBA-UF membranes showed very promising results. Furthermore, dyes treatment process demonstrated of 35% of energy saving by addition of optimum weight percent of HA. Ultimately, the attachment of HA into the membranes was found to be very significant towards performances-properties as well as more selective active skin layer.

Novel Marine Bio-Waste Active Ultrafiltration (MBA-UF) Membrane For Dyes Waste Water Treatment

Dr. Abdul Rahman Bin Hassan
Amira Zulaikha Binti Zakaria, Nur Abidah Binti Mohamed Nasir, Nur’Adnin Binti Janudinifin,Muhammad Alif Bin Mohd Saifuddin, Nur Shyamiza Binti Mohd Arshad, Muhammad Asrafi Bin Selamat, Muhammad Rabani Bin Mohd Samson

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