Project Description


Patients in hospitals often face the dilemma of wearing attire which does not sufficiently cover the awrah for females, and also increases concerns for females in general in maintaining their modesty. In-ward procedures require patients to expose parts of their bodies, often more than they should due to the simple hospital design. The Hurma focuses on four main criteria: purposefulness, adaptability, convenience and comfort. It covers the body more than the current hospital gown (especially arms and head), and the structure of this gown is created to accommodate patients in various clinical situations such as chest or abdominal procedures, vaginal examination, venous cannulation, and venepuncture. The aesthetics in this gown would attract Muslims and non-Muslims alike which makes this attire potentially high in demand. People will be able to appreciate the Hurma as a recognition to the importance of preserving one’s modesty even in the most dire situations. In addition it coincides with the laws of shariah that can be applied indiscriminately without personal conflict.

Hurma : Advanced Hospital Gown

Prof. Madya Dr. Muhammad Shamsir Mohd Aris
Hanisah Hassan ,Siti Hanisah Muhd Fuad, Mohammed Faliq Moktar, Mutmainnah Ahmad Mardzuki, Nik Nazihah Binti Nik Ahmad, Muhammad Harith Bin Abd. Rani, Ahmad Ayatullah Bin Che Razali, Fatihatul Munirah Binti Amiruddin
BIS 2015:
1.Special Award-Double Gold For International Invention Of The Year(Consumer)

1. Best Presenter for NRIC 2015
2. Nest NRIC Award
3. Gold

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