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Project Description

The Kampung Mizan USIM-Bank Rakyat initiative captures the knowledge contained in Kampung from the older generation that grew up in the Kampung environment. It explores the discourse on the concept of kampung by revisiting the facets of collectivism, harmony and religion.

It consists of a research team that adopts an exploratory discourse on the concept of kampung (village). The project revisits the facets of collectivism, harmony and religion entailed in the invocation of the concept of kampung (village). The research seeks to reclaim the noble values encompassed in the concept of kampung (village) through the narrative of ‘balik kampung’, where the beauty of the values of close-knitted family, filial piety, courtesy, integrity, tolerance and, more importantly, moderation are immortalised. A case study on Kampung Baru, Kampung Kerinchi or Abdullah Hukum will be conducted and a model of Kampung in Negeri Sembilan will be adopted from a study site.

Contact Details

Mizan Research Centre (MRC)
Level 3, Faculty of Leadership and Management,
Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia,
Bandar Baru Nilai, 71800, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.

Tel: 06-7988703 Fax: 06-7988713
Email: mrc@usim.edu.my

Website: www.kampungmizan.usim.edu.my