Project Description


It is a tools to teach the basic step of reading the Quran in Braille for students with visual impairment, a method which is the first in the world to use computer applications. It is the result from the process of transcription of Iqra’ textbooks into Braille based on specifications of Braille textbooks format issued by the Textbook Division, Ministry of Education. The complexity in maintaining embossed on Iqra’ Braille textbooks, in addition its weight and size factors make Smart Iqra’ Braille very useful for them. Smart Iqra’ Braille has the ability to teach multiple students simultaneously and also suitable for use by teachers who have no skills in Braille applications. By using Smart Iqra’ Braille, students were able to learn independently anywhere and no longer dependent on learning in the classroom with the teacher’s guidance.

Smart Iqra’’ Braille

Mahyuddin Bin Hashim
PM Dr Adnan Mohamed Yusoff, Dr Noornajihan Jaafar, Hj. Norakyairee Hj. Mohd Raus & Mohd Nur Adzam  Rasdi

  1. Special Award INPEX
  2. Gold Medal

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