USIM campus is equipped with ICT facilities for teaching and learning and access to online information. uWiSH, a wifi service, is available within the vicinity of USIM Campus and there are more than 160 uWISH access points. In addition, uWish can also be accessed from five USIM out-of-campus residential colleges and the satellite campus at Kampung Pandan, Kuala Lumpur.

To enable students access to educational software, USIM Kampus Nilai employs Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology involving 500 licenses in the computer labs. This allows the students to access any software they might need from any computer lab. Learning Space around the campus area has also been created in order to encourage students to bring their own devices.

Video-conference facilities have also been set up in USIM’s three campuses; Kampus Nilai, Kampus Pandan and Kampus Temerloh.