NILAI, February 10, 2019 – Student Housing Center (PPP), Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) organized a workshop on Empowering 2019 Residential College Principals and Fellow Wardens recently. The three-day two-night workshops in Ayer Keroh, Melaka were attended by 32 participants comprising of principals, fellow wardens and PPP staff.

The objective of the workshop was to strengthen the administration and management of USIM residential colleges through the big role played by the principals and fellow wardens of the residential colleges. The opening of the workshop was officiated by USIM’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students Affairs and Alumni), Associate Professor Dr. Rushdan Jailani.

In his speech, he brought the attention that every program in the residential colleges must adhere to requirements of the National Education Philosophy (FPN) which is the foundation of our  national education. He said FPN emphasizes on the continuous development of students based on four aspects namely intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects to produce harmonious and balanced students.

“When we have well-balanced students, they will return to society to serve and contribute. I suggest that the programs organized by the residential colleges for their residents should always see the impact of meeting our diverse stakeholders”

“The first stake holders are the students as the main entities in the university. The second is the community outside of the university and they are the bigger group that puts hope in our students to assist them.” he said.

He added that a third party is the industry that wants students produced to be fully prepared to meet their expectations and the final stakeholders are the Ministry of Education and the Government.

“The residential college can help together to prepare students to face the Industrial Revolution 4.0, to implement complete human softskills and to master more than two languages.”

The input throughout this workshop were provided in briefings, group exercises, discussions and brainstorming sessions. At the end of the workshop, several inputs and resolutions have been developed, including the basic refinement of residential colleges’ policy, the improvement of the selection criteria of residential college occupants and the development of a new system for the selection of admission to residential colleges using merit points. END


Prepared by:
Zaini Othman
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