NILAI, 22 JUN 2016 – Researcher from the Faculty of Science and Technology, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), Dr Rahman Hassan, IMTL Group developed the synthesis of novel ultrafiltration membranes from chicken eggs shell waste.

Dr Rahman says, the novel CHES-UF membranes from highly abundant chicken eggs shell bio-waste, a special bio-active compound was synthesized via a wet/dry chemical method. With excellent properties, a special polymeric formulation was prepared. In bridging a new concept of active materials science involving of polymer and CHES, a unique characteristic of active skin response was created on the skin of CHES membranes. The designing of smooth, even and ultrathin active skin produced via phase inversion process made the CHES membranes to be versatile in the form of wide separation spectrum and operations.

He added, the novel CHES membranes having a uniform and narrow ‘on & in’ pores and able to promote high flux and selectivity. As the fabrication of CHES membranes is highly complicated and challenging, a fully controlled fabrication process (to be patented) enable the production of finer pores, pore statistics and pores types as well as defect-free structures towards a greener and economic process.

“With excellent combinations of fine performance-properties-pores specifications, this project is crucial and in line with the government policies and industrial demands especially due to cost effective  and towards minimizing the utilization of bio-waste as a valuable product and advance technology applications. Significantly, the CHES membranes were found to be highly potential for high impact industries such as biotechnology, wastewater treatment, biomedical, nutraceutical and food industry”.

This product was an effective filter materials for separation and purification of proteins which contribute abundance of waste materials to a new good and high added value produced from the waste. By using chicken eggshells to prepare CHES membrane, it can protect the environment and reduce overexploitation. Besides, this product is environmental friendliness as it was waste product, non-toxic technology, HALAL and hygiene, tailor-made, scaling up flexibility, low cost and higher mass production.

The goals are firstly, to be a leader or pioneer for the development and production of novel membrane. Secondly, as reference centre for membrane technology. We are glad if get more industrial collaboration and partners.

Goals and hope:

Patent disclosure.
To be a leader/pioneer for the development and production of novel membrane.
Industrial collaboration and partners.
Reference centre for membrane technology
Commercial pilot plant unit using CHES membrane for downstream and upstream industries.

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