OSAKA – Nik Ahmad Nik Aziz, 25, and Wan Ahmad Mujahid Wan Fajrulhisham, 23, are two Bachelor of Qiraat Studies with Honours students at the Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) who have had an exciting experience in Osaka, Japan. They undertook industrial training at the Japan Da’wah Centre as tarawih imams.

In addition to leading tarawih prayers, they and their colleagues conducted various da’wah activities as a way to spread the beauty of Islam to the local community.

Every weekend, they engaged in street dawah in the afternoon and prepared iftar meals to share with the locals.

Nik Ahmad said, “Many people, including non-Muslim friends, joined us for iftar. This is a form of da’wah to introduce the beauty of fasting and family harmony within Islam.”

As an imam, Nik Ahmad also witnessed the shahadah of new Muslim converts. Additionally, he and his partner took on the responsibility of teaching the basics of Islam to them, such as how to perform ablution and pray.

When asked about his feelings and hopes as a tarawih imam in Osaka, Nik Ahmad shared, “I am excited and honoured to challenge myself abroad. I hope that Allah grants me health so I can serve Islam while I am here.”

Regarding advice from his mother, Nik Ahmad revealed, “Mom always advises me to learn as much as possible. Learn from both good and bad experiences. Always seek wisdom in everyday life. Do not be afraid to fail when trying something good, because fear itself means we have already failed.”

Nik Ahmad and his colleague will be in Osaka for 40 days, from March 10 to April 20, 2024. They are staying in a house provided by the Japan Da’wah Centre to facilitate their da’wah activities there.

Nik Ahmad hopes their efforts will be a starting point for more people to recognize and appreciate the beauty of Islam, no matter where they are.


Translated by: Adika Hakmi Ab Ghani