NILAI, Feb 27, 2017 – Held at Dewan Tuanku Canselor, The Vice Chancellor’s Mandate Ceremony, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) 2017 was enthusiastically delivered by Honourable Prof. Dato’ Dr. Musa Ahmad. He revealed that the ultimate mission and vision of USIM is to be a blessed or barakah campus, in line with its motto ‘Knowledgeable, Disciplined and Devout’.

The stepping stone that leads the campus to be blessed by Allah is through the implementation of INAQ or the Integration of Naqli (revealed) and Aqli (conventional) Knowledge, which is based on Iqra’ concept. INAQ is embedded in every field of studies of STREAM: Science, Technology, Religion, Ethics, Arts & Mathematics. The mandate also highlights the nine strategic aims of USIM in order to achieve USIM-25.

“To increase the competitive advantage of our academic programmes, we will collaborate with the International University for Renewal (IUR), Turkey, through undergraduate and postgraduate studies, instead of empowering our Lifelong Learning at Madal Hayah Department, GOAL-ITQAN. In addition to that, the 3u1i programme will be executed to all students of Bachelor Degree of Communication (Hons) from the Faculty of Leadership and Management; and Bachelor Degree of Syariah (Halal Industry) (Hons) from the Faculty of Syariah and Law. Besides that, all undergraduate programmes will utilise the Integrated Cumulative Grade Points Average or iCGPA”.

“On the other hand, the research activity in USIM shall focus on three main axes. The first is to sustain humanity & environment; which stresses on ensuring the overall preservation of accommodation, ecosystem, lifestyle and food. The second axis is to promote the wellbeing of the ummah in the aspects of health, property management and financial administration. While the third axis is to empower communities & societies through culture awareness, noble moral values and security assurance”.

“A Clustered Central Analytical Laboratory will be established and research fund will be injected to headstart programme, which will be supervised by USIM researchers in coaching our undergraduate and Kolej Permata Insan students in critical niche areas that we have identified”.

“We will also continuously strive to enhance student entrepreneurship through Business Model Canvas and Social Entrepreneurship Programme in Negeri Sembilan and other states. To achieve this target, ten major programmes will be implemented in 2017, besides other gap year/summer volunteerism programmes. During this period, students are to experience the outside-of-campus-programmes for training or voluntary activities”.

“The human resource planning of Qalb-Guided Training Module is to be developed by both the Registrar Department and Pusat Pengembangan Integrasi Ilmu Naqli dan Aqli (PIINA). It encompasses three phases of awareness, practicality and reinforcement. This Islamic-value- based-module will be implemented in early 2018 to all academicians; management and professional; and support staff”.

“SIANA or Staf Integrasi Amal Naqli dan Aqli is hoped to meet the blue ocean strategy of USIM, and at the same time, the Qalb-Guided Leadership Model is aimed at producing USIM staff who are committed, trustworthy and always practice the moderation (wasatiyyah) concept in their relationship with Allah (hablum minallah) and the rest of humanity (hablum minannas)”.

“We would also like to generate income through promoting charitable endowment or waqaf, in which the fund will be channeled to the establishment of hostel and the purchasing of specialist clinic premise. We would like to expand the methods of zakat collection, through salary deduction, zakat counter and online payment”.

In his concluding speech, Dato’ Musa urges every USIM staff to embrace the core noble values of USIM – Professional, Efficient, Alamiyyah (Global), Trustworthy and Team player; and be someone who has the Al-Qawiyy (strong) and Al-Amin (praised) characters.

Prepared by :
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