CHINA, 22 JAN 2016 -A total of 21 students from Secretariat of Student Volunteers, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) participated in the Global Islamic Student Outreach (GISO) program to Guangzhou, China.
The students visited Guangzhou for 5 days 4 nights and the travel is headed by Ahmad Rabban bin Mohd Ali as the Program Director and Mrs. Nursallyma BT Mohd Kassim as the advisor.

The theme of this mission is “Kembara Kesukarelawan Mahasiswa”which aims to reach out to the people there, besides bringing humanitarian mission in the country visited.
The Deputy Director of the program, Nurul Husna Assaedah said, “The volunteerism program provides exposure and opportunity for students to get to know the customs and culture of the country of the Great Wall.
Various humanitarian and volunteerism activities were carried out with local communities that meet the main objective GISO, including a program entitled Spread The Rahmah in Guangzhou, which provides winter clothing to the homeless, Keep The Mosque Clean project that was done to clean the mosque and its surroundings as well as Street Mission Program, a program that utilizes music to encourage people to kindness that was carried out around the city of Guangzhou “.

In addition, the Secretariat of Student Volunteers also have the opportunity to set foot on the South China University of Technology, which is one of the best university in the world, ranked 59th overalls. The University has chosen to implement a good relationship with USIM because it has highlighted the similarities between the two, namely Science and Technology as major focus in the academic field. In addition, USIM volunteers were also given the opportunity to share the activities of Student Volunteering Secretariat (MGS) that has been carried out through the establishment of USIM.

“In this university, we shared our experiences and opinions about the background of their respective universities in addition to introduce USIM among the students there. The program was very good and the overwhelming response received was very exciting and begs  us to go back there,” said Nurul Husna.
In addition,20 copies of the Quran was donated and a token was given to the Hua Shengmosque as memories,“she said.
He said the delegation also had the opportunity to visit a manufacturing plant based on herbs, and a jade handicraft shop, which is popular among the Chinese people’s beliefs that it can provide lasting health to the wearer.
To get halal food is a challenge around the city of Guangzhou, said one of the participants of this program, Hamizah ‘Aqilah Auji Ismail. In addition, some of the challenges we had was the weather that was rather cold throughout our mission there. In addition to the humanitarian mission, we also have the opportunity to visit the city of Guangzhou to see their own business activities in a country which are currently have a rapid development in their economic activities“, he added.

Overall, these create an international program of cooperation and leadership capabilities among the participants and provide an opportunity for students to gain knowledge and experience that has never been obtained.


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