NILAI, 16 JAN 2016 – Permata Insan College enrolled 65 new students of Form 1 in registration sessions at Permata Insan College,Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM).
All new students aged 13 years old undergone taaruf week for three days from 16 to 19 January and it was organized by the Student Leadership Council, College of Permata Insan(KPI). The programs includes several slots such as a slot with tasmik’s teacher, sports activities, a joint session of USIM fellows, training in groups, knowledge sharing with PU Zahir, who is Imtiaz Terengganu Alumni and was visiting USIM at that time.

“The registration of new students involved 43 boys and 22 girls who were among the students who have passed Mukhayyam Al Abrar which involves several test and  evaluation in terms of Quran memorizing, human development, Linguistic grasp of Malay, Arabic, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Next, students should passall the set conditions”, said Director of Permata Insan College, Dr Nik Salida Saleh.

“The number of students that follows the mukhayyam is about 178 students, however a mere 65 have passed the rigorous evaluation “added Siti Aisyah Mohamed, Central Administration Officer Permata Insan.

The introduction of the Permata Insan College was presented by Ms. Nur Fazidah Asmuje, Coordinator of MKP. At the briefing, the students were exposed to the background of the college,the learning and life routine in the college.

Meanwhile, some other briefing was presented by academic staff including the management from the Permata Insan residential colleges. The other briefings includes the study of the Quran and memorizing Quran, introducing subjects for the first semester, the academic system at IBC, and briefing about discipline, self-motivation sessions and briefings of the facilities provided in the sport centre that was given by the Officer of Sports Center USIM.

Pn. Fazidah Nur said the briefing was held to convey information and understanding of the development of key performance index of the university, the facilities and services available on campus.

Many of new students interviewed expressed fun and eagerness to learn at the College of Permata Insan together with new friends. Excitement can be seen when they respond and constantly engaging with instructors during the briefing session.

In addition to the opportunity to meet with the Vice Chancellor, Hon. Prof. Dato ‘Dr. Musa Ahmad on the day of registration, new students also get to know other USIM Top Management includes the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic and International Affairs, Hon. Prof. Dr. Zulkiple Abd Ghani who attended closing Ceremony of taarof Week, College of Permata Insan.