NILAI, October 1, 2019 – The Islamic University of Malaysia (USIM) became the 9th Public University for the Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin Campus Exploration Program by YB Datuk Seri Dr Mujahid Yusof, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religion) located at the Central Lecture Hall 3.

The ‘Ministerial Dialogue: Rahmatan Lil Alamin’s session lasted for almost three hours and students had the opportunity to ask questions. He said that so far, he has been briefing on the new Islamic administration policy of Rahmatan Lil Alamin and receives very positive feedback.

“We hope to hold this information event to 10 more universities this year where we will finally form a Rahmat Student Council (MPMR),” he said.

“We have contacted the Ministry of Education and they support the establishment of MPMR as we will help build leadership among the students through these new ideas and we hope they will bring this idea to life,” he said.

“As organizers, we hope that such programs can strengthen the relationship between the people and the leaders of the country and further understand the people on the policies introduced by the government,” said Muhsin Hatmi Rosli, President of SRC USIM.

In addition, the medium gives a positive approach to students to be more alert on current issues especially as students can express their own views on national policies. This can indirectly transform students into competent, intelligent and highly valued scholars.


Prepared by:
Siti Hajar Binti Mislan
Timbalan Setiausaha Agung
Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar USIM

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