SEMPORNA, 4th January 2023 – Responding to the university’s agenda to empower USIM@community and USIM@Rakan Borneo, the Universiti Sains Islamic Malaysia (USIM) Congregation of Professor together with students from the Faculty of Leadership and Management and the Faculty of Dentistry carried out a humanitarian mission in Sibangkat Island, Semporna, Sabah starting on 29 December 2022 until January 2, 2023.

This program is also carried out in collaboration with the Semporna Prihatin Organization, the Taqwa Foundation, the Alumni and Career Center, and the USIM Endowment and Zakat Center.

Professor Dato’ Dr. Zulkiple Abdul Ghani, who led the delegation said that, it is the responsibility of the educators, as well as students and alumni to join in community engagement and knowledge transfer.

He further explained that USIM sees the potential of alumni as the front line in helping the community. Through the concept of economic preaching, USIM alumni who have been successful in various economic and business sectors can also contribute and bring benefits to society by helping in the provision of basic education, especially for communities in rural areas.

“Among the efforts to nurture the Asnaf community carried out by USIM alumni in Sabah is training teachers to teach Asnaf children in the islands around Sabah. As a result, they have started to know letters, basic count, read Iqra and memorize prayer readings”, he said.

Specialist dentists from the Faculty of Dentistry that participated in this mission also did not miss the opportunity to provide free dental treatment services to the residents of Kampung Pulang Sibangkat, Maiga Island, and Kulapuan Island in collaboration with the Sabah State Health Department.

Meanwhile, USIM alumni, Hassan Unus who is also the founder of the Semporna Prihatin Organization said, various welfare, spiritual and educational activities have been successfully carried out together on 5 islands in Semporna. They also donated a generator for the use of the Sibangkat island mosque.

“Indeed, Asnaf on the island needs the attention of the community outside. Not only do they not have basic facilities such as public transportation, clean water, and electricity, but various other facilities that are enjoyed in urban areas cannot be felt by the people of this interior island.”

Together in this mission is USIM Vice Chancellor Prof Ts. Dr. Sharifudin Md Shaarani along with Prof Dato’ Dr. Musa Ahmad, Prof Dr. Zurina Shafiee, and Prof Datin Dr. Sapora Sipon.


Prepared by:
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