NILAI, 18 Jan 2019 – In efforts to enhance the skills of the staff especially in managing cultural arts, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) Cultural Centre has invited Persatuan Penyanyi dan Karyawan Muzik Melayu Singapura (PERKAMUS) for a collaboration through the program, Organization Enhancement Programme (O-Pro): Kembara Ilmu Pusat Kebudayaan USIM (Johor–Singapura) 2019.

The O-Pro program is organised to answer the University Management call for their staff, students, and organisations to be exposed to knowledge and collaboration in a wider context at international level to form organisational work management culture that is more efficient and excellent, especially in relations to to managing regional cultural arts organization. To begin this endeavour, the Cultural Centre has invited Persatuan Penyanyi dan Karyawan Muzik Melayu Singapura (PERKAMUS) to USIM for an official discussion.

Organization Enhancement Programme (O-Pro): Kembara Ilmu Pusat Kebudayaan USIM (Johor–Singapura) 2019 is a program that is specifically designed so that Cultural Centre staff can gain further knowledge on cultural arts and shape their minds towards global thinking. This is in line with the vision of the Cultural Centre to be the Leader in Cultural Arts and an expert consultant for cultural arts program whether at the university level, national level, or international level. The Cultural Centre also aims to form strategic alliance between regional higher education organisations.
Among the slots included in the O-Pro program are cultural dialogue which is a segment in the form of academic discussion, paper presentation, and knowledge sharing session with a cultural figure.

The Director of Cultural Centre, Ismail Ahmed, while chairing the discussion has said that he is honoured that PERKAMUS has accepted the invitation to form a strategic alliance through this academic discourse program. He added, “Through this O-Pro program, we will explore other collaborations that we can broaden with PERKAMUS which involve regional collaboration.”

Yusnor Ef said, “We hope that this collaboration can be extended in the future because we need to work together to preserve Malay works of art so that our generation will continue to appreciate these works of art as rightful masterpieces.”

From the outcome of the meeting, USIM will be presenting a paper relating to ‘Syncretism in Malay Music in Malaysia’, while PERKAMUS will be presenting a paper relating to ‘Development of Malay Music in Singapore’. Malay arts activists and practitioners including songwriters, lyric writers, singers, and cultural arts groups in Singapore will also be invited to attend this session.

This program will be held from 14 to 17 February 2019. 11 delegates will be participating in the program, led by the Director of USIM Cultural Centre and their staff, as well as the USIM Artist, Syed Indera Syed Omar and renowned local choreographer, Mahmood Ibrahim.

In the discussion, PERKAMUS had been represented by its president, Mohd Nor Mohd Yusofe, known as Yusnor Ef, a well-known music artist in Malaysia and Singapore. He said that his association feels honoured to be invited in a collaborative program with USIM.

Yusnor Ef is popular in the 70s with his vinyl recordings. Among the more notable creations are the lyrics he wrote for the songs sung by P.Ramlee, Senjakala, written by P.Ramlee, and Lanang Tunang Tak Jadi, written by Kassim Masdor.

Aside from his role as the member of COMPASS Board of Director (Composers & Authors Society of Singapore), he also holds an important role in National Arts Council (NAC) as the Chairman of Malay Music Development Committee as well as an Advisor to Music SG (NLB).

Four other PERKAMUS members were also present in the discussion, including Rusedah Tawhid, who is the secretary of PERKAMUS.

Prepared by:
Rozihani Mohamad
USIM Cultural Centre