TAIWAN, January 28, 2019 – Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) became Malaysia’s first university to visit Chin-Yi National University of Technology (NCUT) since it was established 48 years ago recently.

Malaysian student representative at NCUT, Anwar Ibrahim, 29, said USIM is the only university from Malaysia to undertake a collaborative intellectual tour with NCUT. “NCUT has long been established in 1971 and is among the top five leading public universities in Taiwan. However, the response of Malaysian students to NCUT is very low either in the form of study or visits ”

“It is a history of NCUT itself as it receives an educational visit from the USIM and is of great value for being the first Malaysian university to choose to visit our campus,” he said in a warm friendly session with 26 USIM students who participated in the visit. .

The delegation from USIM was represented by its Debate Club to the university as part of its Global Islamic Student Outreach (GISO) program “Goa Ai Li Taiwanese 2019”. GISO is a platform for USIM’s students international affiliation program to carry out community service abroad.

According to USIM Students’ escort officer, Mohd Zaini Othman, during a visit at NCUT, USIM students were exposed to the background of the university and the qualifications and opportunities to continue their studies at the university.

“In addition, NCUT also showcases high-tech motorcycles equipped with solar technology on par with the sophistication of the Formula One world (F1).”

“USIM students also had the opportunity to test-drive some electric vehicles produced by the NCUT Faculty of Engineering around the campus, which was an interesting experience for them,” he said.

In the meantime, USIM students also contributed ideas to the bilateral partnership in relation to the importance of the halal concept, the basic use of Arabic language and the educational opportunities available in Malaysia. Besides NCUT, USIM students also visited Sun Yat Sen University and held intellectual discussions with the university’s Muslim Student Association.

The USIM Debate Team which conducted GISO programs for seven days in Taiwan carried out various activities besides visiting universities including the consolation of feeding the homeless; cross culture events by visiting historical sites at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall and Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall; intellectual exchange with the Muslim community at the Taipei Grand Mosque; leadership discussions and visits to interesting tourist sites like Taipei 101 Tower, Shilin Night Market and Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf.

The also visited the Ximending area, Kaohsiung, Pier-2-Art and Yangmingshan National Park. Communication challenges with Taiwanese who are less fluent in English and limited halal eateries did not diminish the excitement of USIM students to appreciate the progress in Taiwan, especially their advanced and efficient public transport. END

Prepared by:
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