NILAI, July 5th 2022 –Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) expressed concern to students who were affected by the issue of rising prices of goods.

According to the Vice-Chancellor of USIM, Professor Ts. Dr. Sharifudin Md Shaarani, USIM is striving to reduce the impact of the rising prices of goods on students through initiatives by the Student Affairs Division (BHEP), USIM Wakaf and Zakat Center (PWZ), Islamic Center and Student Housing Center (PRUPEL).

Among the main initiatives of USIM in helping students with the issue of rising prices of goods especially among the asnaf and B40 groups, are the Musaadah for Student Program, Food Bank Asnaf, Food@Campus (one-off), Central Kitchen, Bantuan Prihatin PRUPEL, and zakat distribution assistance.

“The Musaadah for Students program is an initiative from the Chairman of the University Board of Directors in collaboration with BHEP and the USIM Student Representative Council to help B40 students through food and cash donations. A total of 340 students have received this benefit and the total assistance provided is RM24,100.00. This program is an additional initiative from the USIM Student Food Bank, which was launched in 2019,” he said.

He added that USIM is in the process of launching the Asnaf Food Bank, which focuses on food aid for students from the Asnaf and B40 groups. USIM has allocated RM60,000.00 for this initiative and contributions will be channelled through BHEP.

“Through the assistance, it is hoped to be able to ease the burden of students in need and be able to raise the spirit of students to study hard to get excellent results.” he said.

USIM also provides assistance in the form of ready-to-eat food to students through the Central Kitchen, which is managed by the USIM Islamic Center. Food pack donations are provided every Wednesday and Thursday by the staff and the Secretariat of the Islamic Center to benefit the 300 students who visit the Islamic Center.

Apart from that, the USIM Wakaf and Zakat Center has also distributed zakat to students in need, and this assistance has benefited 626 students with a total distribution of RM379,700.00. The distribution of zakat is given twice a year, and students in need need to apply to PWZ to obtain the assistance.

In line with the Ministry of Higher Education’s announcement in a recent statement, USIM plans to implement a six-month moratorium on rental payments from July 2022 to operators and food service providers on campus so that the cost will allow food service operators and providers to reduce prices. food sold to students. Apart from that, the USIM Savings Menu Program will also be introduced at a reasonable price, including a set of nasi berlauk with a price of RM3.50.

Students can contact the Student Affairs Division and the USIM Wakaf and Zakat Center to get more information and the latest announcements on the assistance provided. Counseling assistance is also provided for students who need to alleviate their stress,” he said.

Prepared by:

Strategic Communication Center (StraComm)
Level 1, Chancellery of Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)
Bandar Baru Nilai, 71800 Nilai Negeri Sembilan