NILAI, 5 FEB 2016 – A group of students from Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) Secretariat of the protection of Medical Students were involved in Community Service Program and the mission of the program is promoting USIM in Lombok, Indonesia. A total of 14 students from this secretariat involved in Global Islamic Student Outreach program (GISO) USIM starting January 28 until February 3, 2016.

GISO program at this time presented the theme “Program Pengembaraan USIM GISO 2016: Misi Kembara Insaniah Memantapkan Ukhwah Di Lombok, Indonesia”.

The mission is bringing collaboration between USIM students with the management of Pondok Pesantren As- Ashohwah located in West Lombok. Among the programs that have been conducted are cultural exchange program in Malaysia such as clothing and traditional games while people in Lombok exhibits their cultural dances such as Tari Rudat , Tari Kipas, Tari Tempurung, Permainan Raja and others.

The program was for seven days and six nights as this also provides an opportunity for students to conduct scientific discussions and sessions to introduce USIM at the University of Mataram , Lombok ( UNRAM ) which was attended by the Rector ( Vice-Chancellor ) and deans of faculties of  UNRAM . In addition, a discussion about the formula to produce a healthy environment in the school was held in West Lombok District Education Office. The session was also attended by officials of the West Lombok district and all headmasters across the West Lombok. Apart from that, the delegation also held in Pesantren Nurul Bayan campaign by distributing pamphlets and showing related slide show to introduce USIM.

According to Ustaz Taysir, the principal of Pondok Pesantren As- Shohwah, with the establishment of the network or collaboration between the boarding school and USIM, it is expected to encourage students to study in Malaysia in the future, especially in USIM”. Similarly, the group leader, Mohd Jamaah expects the program to inject useful knowledge to the people of Lombok. In line with the vision of USIM, namely integration and Naqli aqli, such programs encourage students to help those who in need either in terms of time,energy, and money.

Donations of reading materials, textbooks, cash and energy services are the result of contributions from several parties and the students themselves. The program is expected to be a platform for the two countries, Malaysia and Indonesia to cooperate and help each other.


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