NILAI, August8, 2019 – Empowerment of Islamic media content in the digital age should be a key agenda in the pursuit of a new culture and da’wah activity for the benefit of the global community. Thus, in an effort to achieve the goal of da’wah, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) has organized a Prime Lecture to recognize the expertise of Professor Dato ‘Dr. Zulkiple Abd Ghani, Professor in the Faculty of Leadership and Management in the field of preaching.

According to Associate Professor Dr Mohd Rushdan Mohd Jailani, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni) USIM sees the prime lecture is aimed at recognizing the expertise of an academician in his specific field. In addition, it also aims to disseminate research findings in the particular field to be shared with USIM residents and the public.

“This time, the Prime Lecture recognizes the expertise of Professor Dato’s Zulkiple Abd Ghani in the field of da’wah and with the current era, USIM should take the initiative by announcing the importance of da’wah through digital platforms, ”he said.

Prof Dato Dr Zulkiple in his lecture also commented that the digital environment has opened up new opportunities for da’wah activities and if fully utilized, it could be a game changer in the construction of the civilization of the ummah by strengthening Islamic media content.

“The bi al-nizam (developing system) approach needs to be strengthened and supported by an education system that will give birth to a new generation of religious knowledge as well as integrated science and technology to enable them to take the lead in conducting da’wah in the digital environment,” he said.

He added that the number of Internet users has exceeded 3 billion people worldwide and the internet penetration rate in Islamic countries is increasing, communication methods are also transforming especially among netizens.

According to him, the goal of da’wah is achievable by increasing Muslim consumer literacy on computers, the internet and mobile phone applications. In the Malaysian context, as a result of the government’s strategic planning, internet penetration rate is high (28.7 million people) at 87.4% despite some issues of digital divide that is trying to be resolved. In addition, he emphasized that the purpose of the da’wah in this digital environment would be achieved if the Islamic media ecosystem encompassed Islamic philosophy and media theory, empowerment from competent human resource development, sustainable organization and the agenda of developing Islamic media content.

Professor Dato ‘Dr. Zulkiple joined USIM in November 2009 and was Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic and International, USIM (September 2014-June 2018). He has also served as Deputy Dean and Dean, Faculty of Leadership and Management, Senate member and University Board of Directors. In 2018, he was appointed as visiting professor at Istanbul University Rumeli and the International University for Renewal (IUR).

With over 200 guests in the Senate Chancellery Hall, among those present were the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ybhg University. Prof Dato Dr Siddiq Fadzil, Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni) Associate Professor Dr Mohd Rushdan Mohd Jailani, Dean of Faculty of Leadership and Management (FKP) Associate Professor Dr Faizal Kasmani and FKP Principal Fellow Prof Tan Sri Dato Dr Abdul Shukor Hj Husin .


Prepared by:
Syazlyna Jamil
Pusat Komunikasi Strategik (StraComm)
Aras 1, Canselori Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)
71800 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan