Project Description


Muamalat Interactive Game (MIG) is a game-based educational tool that i) promotes inclusive economic development by inculcating the spirit of gift economy, ii) promotes awareness on managing personal finance that strikes the balance between individual and community wealth, iii) exposes the players to Islamic banking, investment and social finance instruments. MIG is a learner-centred learning tool that encourages experiential learning of learners. In the game, the players are to accumulate the highest amount of wealth in order to contribute to the community. Players are to accumulate wealth using Shariah-compliant and ethical-based investment vehicles. The game instills the willingness to share personal wealth built-up over the rounds of game-playing to the Sadaqah house via donation (sadaqah) and endowment (waqf). Sadaqah house serves as the communal fund that restores widened economic gap. The players too, gain technical skills of managing personal finance such as planning and recording cash inflows and outflows, budgeting personal expenses, managing debts, calculate tithe (zakat) due, and finally ascertain net wealth.

Muamalat Interactive Game (Community Edition)

Pn. Syahidawati Shahwan

Prof. Madya Dr. Zurina Shafii, Dr. Norhazlina Ibrahim, Pn. Halizah Md Arif, Pn. Kasumalinda Alwi, Dr. Supiah Salleh, Dr. Safeza Mohd Sapian

ITEX 2017

  • Gold Medal

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