USIM MISSION 2022 is the university’s medium-term mission to become a High Impact Glocal Islamic Science University by 2022.

It is a roadmap in achieving USIM’s main mission to produce competent intellectuals, leaders, and professionals based on the Islamic intellectual tradition, noble values of religion, and culture for universal well-being.

USIM 5 Strategic Thrusts 2022

Five strategic thrusts have been defined to ensure the success of the USIM MISSION 2022. Each strategic thrust is led by key members of the University Management Committee (JKPU).

7 Key Annual Goals 2020

In charting the way towards Mission 2022, USIM has identified Seven (7) Key Annual Goals for 2020 as follows, for a start of the journey:


The 7 Annual Goals for 2020 will be the starting point towards realizing USIM MISI 2022.