Asian Centre for Research on Drug Abuse (ACREDA) was established on 1st of January 2010. ACREDA USIM was established through empowerment and development of Special Interest Group (SIG) activities in drug abuse. The establishment of ACREDA is to meet the criterion of center of excellence through research, publications, training and services which has been outlined by USIM and the Ministry of Higher Education. ACREDA was established as a Centre of Excellence based on the Third Thrust of the National Higher Education Strategic Planning (PSPTN) that aims at Strengthening Research and Innovation Ministry of Higher Education has targeted to create 20 international Centers of Excellence in 2020.

A center for reference in the field of drug abuse in Asia

ACREDA aspire to become a premier institution in training, consultations, publications, research and one-step information center on drug at the national and international level.


1) To be a complete, systematic and updated referral center on drug abuse information.

2) To be a research and consulting center pertaining to various aspects of drug abuse which includes, but not limited to, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, post treatment care, enforcement and international networks.

3) To develop smart partnerships as well as initiate intellectual dialogues with leaders and concerned scholars from local and abroad research institutions in the field of substance abuse and its related issues

4) To be a center of excellence in USIM that will mobilize and enhance research activity, writing and publishing world-class journals through interaction and academic collaborations with leading figures working in the field of drug addiction.

5) To create and update a collection of publications books, journals, magazines, research reports and data related to drug abuse problems produced by local, regional and world scholars.

6) To become a training center in preparing and delivery a variety of information, psycho-educational training programs and skill related to substance abuse for institutions related to the field of drug abuse.