USIM has developed strategic partnerships with various local and international parties. This collaboration is broadened through MoUs and MoAs between USIM and local and international institutions as well as public and private entities. The strategic collaborations between USIM and industries are as follows;

  • Strategic collaborations between USIM and higher institutions and organisations in the critical areas involving research, teaching and learning
  • Mobility programme designed to provide opportunity for staff and students to engage in community engagement project particularly in countries with Muslim minorities.
  • Local and international industrial practical programme in order to equip USIM students into becoming holistic, balanced and skilled graduates.
  • Credit transfer programme in local and international universities.
  • Local and international visits to USIM and vice versa as a way to share USIM’s unique philosophy and inviting those who want to learn and understand about the integration of Naqli and Aqli knowledge.
List of MoA & MoU


The concept of ‘Alamiyyah is an important part of the university’s branding and identity. It shows that USIM is committed to embracing global perspectives in its teaching, learning, research and administration. Such a global point of view is embedded in the community of USIM and, together with a unique educational approach to the integration of Naqli and Aqli knowledge, it has become the foundation for the university’s affairs.

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Since 2010, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) has been making strategic partnerships with schools under the Ministry of Education (KPM) through the Cluster School Programme and Schools Adoption Programme.

USIM has thus far recognised 25 schools under the Cluster School Programme and Schools Adoption Programme. They consist of Religious National Secondary Schools, Religious Secondary Schools, Government-Assisted Religious Schools, Secondary Religious Schools, Religious-Stream Classes and Ulul-Albab Programme (MRSM). Multiple programmes have been organised with the participating schools, such as educational seminars, academic programmes, leadership camps and language enrichment programmes.


USIM’s close ties with the government of Negeri Sembilan is reinforced through several collaborative projects. The Chief Minister of Negeri Sembilan, who is also the Minister Mentor of USIM, has always provided his support pertaining to activities organised by USIM. Every year, USIM has organised more than 50 community engagements activities focusing on the Negeri Sembilan districts.

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