Changes in different environments has prompted the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) to conduct a consensus that combines Public Institutionsof Higher Learning (IPTA) with school institutions in the school adoption programme of IPTA.Excellent Cluster schools are pinned to an IPTA as the mentor of their respective schools.Strategic collaboration network between IPTA and cluster schools among others allows the schools to use the facilities in the IPTA as well as school students to be placed in academic, softskills and entrepreneurial programmes of IPTA. School teachers are also able to involve and participate in special programmes of education, counselling, guidance and motivation organized by the IPTA.

List of USIM’s Cluster School



School Name

Academic Niche

Co-Curricular Niche

1.Negeri SembilanSMKA Sheikh Hj Mohd SaidPendidikan IslamCatur
2.SelangorSMKA Maahad HamidiahPendidikan IslamMemanah
3.Negeri SembilanSK SeliauBahasa MelayuBola Baling
4.Negeri SembilanSK TapakBahasa MelayuMuzik
5.Negeri SembilanSK Seremban 2A, SerembanBahasa InggerisBoling
6.Negeri SembilanSMKA Dato’ Hj. Abu HassanBahasa MelayuMemanah
7.Negeri SembilanSK LinggiBahasa MelayuBoling Tenpin
8.SelangorSAMT Sultan HisamuddinPendididkan Al-Quran & As-SunnahMuzik & Kesenian Islam
9.W/P PutrajayaSMK Agama PutrajayaBahasa ArabKesenian Islam
10.Negeri SembilanSK Port DiksonBahasa InggerisSofbol
11.Negeri SembilanSK Seremban 2B, SerembanBahasa Melayu
12.PerakSMKA Sultan Azlan ShahBahasa Arab
Bahasa Inggeris
Agama Islam
 Last update: 11 April 2018