NILAI, 18 JULY 2016 – Researchers from the Faculty of Dentistry, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia has invented a new tool for copy denture procedure. The tool called CopyDent Box (initially known as Duplo Box) would facilitate dentists and dental technicians in making a new denture using replica.

This product is designed by Dr Norlela Yacob as a lead researcher, Dr Faizah Abdul Fatah, Dr Nor Azura Ahmad Tarmidzi, Mohd Nazrin Mohd Isa dan Khaliesah Abdul Rahim.

According to Dr Norlela, CopyDent box was designed to help in making a replica from patient’s existing denture in cases where patients request a new set of full denture. Instead of making new denture from scratch, using a replica via copy denture is much easier and faster. It will provide an instrument and standardized method for copy denture.

She added, the unique features of CopyDent box are it comes in one component, suitable for alginate and silicone impression material and suitable for all denture sizes. It is cost saving and user friendly. The design has been registered as university’s intellectual property with Malaysia Registered Design. It has achieved a few recognitions such as gold medal in I-inova 2015 and bronze medal in ITEX 2016.

“In Malaysia, the geriatric population has increased and the demand for replacement for full denture has increased as well. Making a new denture via copy denture technique, reduces the adaptation time of neuromuscular muscle surrounding the denture area and patient feels comfortable during the procedure. It can also reduce chairside time and clinical visit.”

Dr Norlela explains currently copy denture procedure has various methods that have been documented. However, it is not standardized due to the use of different tools such as soap box, Murray-Wolland flask, denture flask, impression tray with different types of material such as alginate or silicone. Therefore, CopyDent box would help to standardize the copy denture procedure with cheaper alternative.

The team hopes that CopyDent box will be able to help and assist patients, dentists and dental technologists once it is marketed.

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