Ainul Najihah Nor Najman
Ainul Najihah Nor NajmanPelajar, Fakulti Syariah dan Undang-undang

As we speak about Palestine, we should already have that one mentality that our brothers and sisters there suffering and enduring a lot of traumatic pain and loss. They are also ordinary people like us who have a right to live without worrying that maybe later their house could be a target of genocide. People in the world should not shut their mouths on this humanity matter. I would like to address my disappointment with the Union Nations (UN) for not taking any action against this unjust atrocity of terrorism.

How many innocent people should die until they stop Israel’s criminals? As fast as time goes, Palestinian land does not stop being bombed. They are colonized in their own country, does that make any sense? Israel is not the landowner of that land, as all of us know the history of Israel people that come from Germany in 1948 after being expelled by the Nazis. How long do Europe and America, as they claim themselves as the great power in the world stop the chaos and stop defending Israel?

Palestine is very close to Malaysian heart as we share the same religion and Palestine is a holy place to Muslims after Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia. A lot of prophets were raised in Palestine. We cannot give up on this since as Muslims we believe in hereafter live and Allah will ask our struggle to defend Palestine from Zionists. Muslims’ solidarity plays a vital role in sustaining a powerful impact to free Palestine. We should unite to stand for our Palestinian brothers and sisters who were brutally oppressed there by the heartless Israel.

We can start by stopping spending our money on Israel’s products. Boycotts will be a great weapon to weaken the Israeli economic system. We can have a better choice to support local products which are extremely upgraded nowadays. Over the previous decades, the boycott has successfully demonstrated its potential to affect and weaken the occupation economy, as the boycott reduced imports from Israel, resulting in an improvement in the Palestinian economic position. According to a World Bank analysis from 2015, “the Palestinian trade deficit decreased by 6 percent relative to the same period in 2014” (WB, 2015). This demonstrates how the import’s imports are pushing the Palestinian trade balance into deficit territory.

Furthermore, we can show our solidarity in supporting Palestine through public convention. Whether it is a local or international convention, it is helpful to join and spread awareness among the public since there were some dumb ideologies among the young generation who want to be in a neutral position. There is no such thing as ‘neutral’ when it comes to the dignity of our religion and we should stop illogical ideologies from being prevalent. People with a big influence should use this opportunity to speak up about the truth about Palestinian oppression for the past 75 years since the new millennial generation lacks information on this matter.

Our country should be braver in stating its resistance against Israel. Although we are a small country compared with other developing countries, we should take action that can tremble Israel. We can warn Israel to stop oppressing more Palestinian civilians and threaten to stop economic relations with them if they refuse to cooperate. Despite the threats we got from the United States recently due to our refusal to consider Hamas as a terrorist organization (Berita Harian,2023), we should not be afraid and must keep going to speak out for Palestine’s freedom. We can see that Indonesia took a bold step when their Mufti Ulama’ Indonesia stated that issued a fatwa to boycott all Israeli products throughout Indonesia and urged their people to avoid any trade relating to Israel (Harian Metro, 2023). Our country should salute the action taken by them to help Palestine in this critical situation.

Have you ever thought before this how important it would be to show our solidarity and boycott against Israel? Yes, it is indeed our responsibility to serve commitment to Palestine as they are our comrades in arms. We may not be able to help them physically since our facilities are limited and the political factors which is the main obstacles for us to send medical, food, and military aid to the Palestinian people there. It is very sad for us to witness all the tyranny without being able to do anything today. The last but not least thing we can do is pray the best from the bottom of our hearts to all blessed people in Palestine especially Gaza which has a crucial time right now. As we sleep, eat, and have fun with our loved ones, the Palestine people never sleep pondering their fate and life test. They struggle every single day to fight for their land. They never ask to be in that situation but this is the test that raises their position closer to Allah, the merciful. I do hope this small excerpt will give a new and fresh motivation to all the readers to have a strong identity to defend Palestine.