NILAI, February 27, 2018 – Kolej PERMATA Insan, (KPI) USIM welcomed 66 students from Islamic Studies Demonstration School (ISDS) Prince of Songkhla University, Thailand for the ASEAN Islamic Science Camp 2018 from 19 February 2018 to 27 February 2018.

This second visit is part of an annual program for ISDS and KPI in their two-way relationship to share ideas and co-curriculum in education. What makes this relationship even more interesting is that both schools adopt the concept of school in campus with emphasis in science and technology in education.

The nine-day program was packed with a number of activities for the students of Kolej PERMATA Insan as well as Islamic Studies Demonstration School. ISDS students were given the opportunities to join KPI students in their learning activities including Al-Quran memorization sessions before Subuh and after Maghrib, academic sessions, as well as club, societies and uniform units activities. Other than that, the ISDS delegation was also brought to visit several interesting places like Petrosains and Taman Wetland Putrajaya to explore science more closely.

Deputy Director, Nor Adlyizan Theis, said that activities such as PERMATA Insan Carnival, Traditional Dish Night and Campus Exploration were also organised throughout the duration of this camp. The main objectives are to ensure that the ISDS students learn more about the education system for the bright and talented in KPI, as well as to build the relationship between the two schools.

“The process of cultural exchange also took place through the program, for example in KPI Masterchef and Malaysian Traditional Games Competition activities which were sub-programs in PERMATA Insan Carnival, where the ISDS students had also participated in. They learnt how to play games like batu seremban (jackstones), congkak (mancala) and ceper (disc flicking), and in the evening, KPI students had the chance to join in the preparation of traditional Thai food incuding Som Tam, Tom Rap, Glutinous Rice With Chicken, and several traditional Thai desserts,” he further added.

According to Abdullah Muaz, an Asas 3 student of Kolej PERMATA Insan, programs like this give them the opportunity and channel to interact with other communities outside the campus. They were also given the chance to explain to the Thai students about the syllabus and learning methods in KPI.

Fahad Tayeh, an ISDS student, has also shared his excitement about being in KPI for the visit. Along with his friends, he had learnt about the learning culture of KPI students, for instance waking up as early as 4.30 in the morning to prepare for memorization classes. This is a new experience for them. Although they felt sleepy, they were impressed with the learning environment in KPI.

It is hoped that programs like this can be organised again in the future. KPI and ISDS students can exchange opinions and ideas about daily activities in their schools, as well as find out more about culture in another country. ISDS students can learn about the learning process of KPI students, with the integration of naqli (revealed knowledge) and aqli (rational knowledge) elements in their academic activities.


Prepared by:
Nor Adlyizan Theis
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