JOHOR BAHRU, 7 September 2023 –  A total of 19 students from the Qiraat Studies program at the Faculty of Quran and Sunnah Studies (FPQS), Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), recently organized a Quran and Sunnah Service Program with Persons with Disabilities (PWD) at the Special Education Religious School (SAPK) in Johor Bahru.

Various activities were conducted during the Quran and Sunnah Service Program with PWD, including Quranic learning through the Akhyar Tahfiz method, ablution therapy, explorace games, and much more. Additionally, the students had the opportunity to receive assistance from USIM students in understanding the concepts and correcting the Ibadah (worship) practices included in their daily curriculum.

Furthermore, this Service Program also fostered a strategic partnership between the school and USIM. In addition to knowledge sharing from USIM students with the students at SAPK Johor, the school exposed the students to the unique learning routines of the students in that school.

According to Dr. Shah Rizul Izyan Zulkiply, a lecturer in Sign Language Application in Quranic Teaching who accompanied the participants, to ensure the program’s success, the main goal of the program is to open the eyes and minds of the students and authorities to support this special group collectively.

“With such a program, they will feel more valued and realize that the community acknowledges their presence,” Dr. Shah Rizul emphasized.

Meanwhile, one of the participants, Ms. Norafiqah Tajudin, mentioned that this program has provided many insights, experiences, and new exposure to personally experience the challenges of conveying information to students with hearing impairments.

“Without appropriate methods, one may not necessarily be able to convey knowledge with the understanding they have to others, especially to the special needs community,” she added.


Written by:
Noorumaina Mohamed Yunus
Translated by:
Nor Fadzlina Azahari
Pusat Komunikasi Strategik (StraComm)
Aras 1, Canselori Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)
Bandar Baru Nilai, 71800 Nilai Negeri Sembilan