NILAI, 1 MAR 2016 –A knowledge sharing session on the importance of the HPV vaccine was organized by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences USIM in conjunction with Universiti Teknologi Mara managed to gather a total of 70 secondary school counselors around Port Dickson , Seremban and Tampin. The seminar was conducted in cooperation with the state Department of Education, and was entitled Training of Trainers Program on Human Papilloma Virus and Awareness for Cervical Cancer Prevention for Secondary School Counselor. The program was carried out for four days and is divided into two zones according to the district in the state.

The seminar is aimed at alerting the public, especially teachers, students and parents about the importance of the HPV vaccine and the main cause of cervical cancer. Through the seminar, student who were encouraged to take the HPV vaccine is found to be less well received by their parents due to the reason of doubting the legitimacy conferred by the state by free of charge to students of every year.

“It is expected that counselors can distribute information acquired during the seminar to their students to raise awareness of the importance of HPV vaccine and how dangerous the virus HPV as the primary cause of cervical cancer is. In addition, ToT program indirectly enable the National HPV Vaccination Program to receive the cooperation of the students to take the HPV vaccine, “said the Vice-Chancellor of USIM.

“We are looking for individuals who can help us in disseminating knowledge and sharing this knowledge with someone close to the students and the students were able to ask all the questions on the issue of HPV. We hence believe that counselors are the most appropriate approach for our students to understand their problems. We believe counselors who are in a proper position to deliver these knowledge and explain to the students about the importance of taking the HPV vaccine, “said Dr Nuruliza Roslan as project leader.

This seminar is conducted in the main campus and the next step will be USIM monitoring the 14 schools selected for the development and acceptance of this vaccine to students and parents. The next seminar will be held on 4th of March in Kuala Pilah Matriculation College for teachers around the District of Jempol, Jelebu, Kuala Pilah and Rembau.

Also present were Mr. Pkharuddin Bin Hj Ghazali , Deputy Director of the State Education Department , Prof Dr Shamsir Aris , Dean FPSK , Prof Madya Datin Dr Hjh Sapora Sipon , Director of Research Management USIM and Prof Madya Dr Sharifah Aminah Syed Mohamad , Director of Community Research ( CoRe ) : Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences.


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