PHILIPPINES, January 28, 2020 – 19 undergraduate students of the Faculty of Science & Technology with an escort officer, Dr. Mohd Hafiz bin Abu Hassan, conducted an activity  GISO 2020: Travelogue In Davao, Amity Route in an Islamic community village called Revert Islam Dakwah Center (RIDC). Davao GISO participants were warmly welcomed by the locals whose minorities were Muslim.

With the behest of RIDC residents, Davao GISO participants were given the opportunity to meet with the City of Mati Mayor, Michelle N. Rabat. In addition, they were given the opportunity to conduct GISO activities with locals such as Play Hard Work Hard, Clean Body Save Live, Necessity in Salah, Cultural night, Colorful Malaysia and Remembrance of Muslim Scholar. All these activities included the 4 components of GISO such as community involvement, environmental sustainability, knowledge exchange and cultural exchange.

Earlier, GISO Davao participants also met Punong Barangay village chief, Sir Nestor L. Escasinas. Later, the participants were taken to the City of Mati Islamic community center to learn more about the Islamic community in the City of Mati, Davao. The City of Mati is made up of 40% Muslims and 60% Christians making their place very Muslim-friendly.

“Activities held with the local community will become added value to USIM students who in turn fulfill GISO objectives. Participants’ meeting with him became a hot conversation among locals as news of their visit with the mayor was also featured on the official website of City of Mati. In fact, it is also published in local newspapers here, ”said Dr. Hafiz when interviewed.

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