NILAI, July 26, 2021 – Jameel Education Foundation announces to sponsor eight students for first cohort beginning September 2021 which includes 2 doctoral candidates and 6 Master candidates. Successful PhD candidates will receive the funding for 6 semesters while 3 semesters for master candidates.

According to the office of the Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Funding and Financial Sustainability), on 9 March 2021, the University top management has approved the establishment of the Jameel Education Foundation Scholarship and being placed under the management of this office.

“The sponsor has agreed to continue this sponsorship collaboration and stated that all sponsorship to USIM students will be channelled through Jameel Education Foundation,” said Associate Prof Dr Asmaddy Haris who is also the Assistant Vice-Chancellor.

Asmaddy said that applicants should follow all the requirements set by the selection committee such as the applicant is not employed throughout the studies, has received an offer of admission, and has an intention to return to home countries and contribute to the development of his/her homeland after graduating.

The commitment announced by Jameel Education Foundation should ease postgraduate students’ concerns especially on tuition fees and cost of living. This announcement during this Covid-19 crisis will motivate students to continue studying at the tertiary level, said Prof Dato’ Dr Mohamed Ridza Wahiddin, the Vice-Chancellor of USIM.

Ridza added, the success of this continued sponsorship indicates a good relationship between USIM and Jameel Education Foundation.

“I am glad that we are able to find a sponsor for our students to encourage them to continue their study with excellence. Most importantly this ongoing collaboration with Jameel Education Foundation helps to ensure the potential recipients of sponsorship keep up with the momentum and eagerness to focus on their academic pursuit and research,” he said.

Successful applicants will be receiving tuition fee, stipend, book allowance, thesis examination fee, flight ticket from country of origin, visa, and insurance. The application may be done by scanning the QR code in the poster before September 19th, 2021.


Source by: Centre for Marketing and Student Admission

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