NILAI, March 28, 2018 – To celebrate the deaf people in studying religious knowledge, the Voiceless Da’wah Course (KDTS) was introduced to help them learn the Quran. The inauguration ceremony of this Voiceless Da’wah Course was officiated by the Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, Faculty of Quranic and Sunnah Studies, Dr Rabiatul Adawiyah Mohd.

According to Dr Rabiatul Adawiyah Mohd, the volunteerism approach amongst students should be sown and strengthened to produce holistic graduates through the integration of Naqli and Aqli Knowledge, especially in addressing community issues. This Voiceless Da’wah Course aims at the participation of all USIM students and the public around Nilai by making the University a platform as one of the strategic efforts in cultivating OKUs with an institution. Indirectly, it also provides space and opportunities for participants to learn the sign language of Malaysia (BIM) in delivering dakwah to people with disabilities.

“This course is also expected to open the eyes and hearts of students about the responsibility of fardhu kifayah in educating and training the disabled in living their lives based on the Quran and Sunnah”, she added.

Meanwhile, Puan Sariah Ibrahim, the President of the Association of the Negeri Sembilan Deaf People (NESDA), said this da’wah effort should be emulated and addressed by everyone because these people with hearing disability are in dire need of religious knowledge.

She also thanked all those who are willing to study this course to deliver the da’wah to this deaf community.

Voiceless Da’wah Course (KDTS) is a special module developed by the FAQEH Foundation to train “Deaf Daie” among students of Islamic studies to preach using the communication medium of the deaf community. KDTS has been offered publicly over a semester beginning 2015 and is divided into two levels.

Level I is the basic level of exposure to the deaf world (cultural and linguistic), basic training of Quranic memorization lessons for the Deaf by using Tahfiz Akhyar and Revelation Writers methods, and the basic teaching of Quranic recitation using hand-assisted code numbers and colors via the Fakih Method. In addition, Level II focuses more on interacting with the deaf community through practices and assignments. ”

Muhammad Zainul Abidin Mohamed Tahir, Chairman of the Secretariat of Sahabat Faqeh USIM, said a series of unique programs were organized to spur efforts to provide space and opportunities for disabled people to accept religion in accordance with their strengths and disabilities, including “ÓKU Berdoa”, Voiceless Nasyid Club, “Jom Dhuha” with disabled children, Deaf Teen Huffaz Camp and Student Awareness Exhibition of OKU.

The ceremony was also attended by Ustaz Hj. Norakyairee Md Raus, Head of Research Cluster of Ibn Ummi Maktum (UMMI) and Tuan Haji Zaini Mat Abbas, the Chairman of  FAQEH Foundation.


Prepared by:
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