NILAI, October 01, 2018 – The reality of ongoing change is not news for most leaders. Even so, few are prepared to lead in the context of significant, unrelenting change. Often change sets up in leaders a struggle between managing the organizations and addressing the needs of the people. Typically, it is the people side that losses out. But if leaders don’t establish an effective balance between leadership needs and people priorities, they can destabilize organizational culture and erode trust, generating fear and skepticism among people at a time when loyal, productive, and enthusiastic citizens is essential for success. If not resolved quickly, it could undermine all the high performance success!.

How do leaders address the people side of change without jeopardizing the organizational side of change? How can a leader make the tough decisions without losing sight of the emotions and concerns of the people? At the briefing on Qalb Leadership held at USIM Faculty of Leadership and Management for the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) team, Regional Governor Mujiv Hataman has found that answer lies in being authentic and building trust by connecting the hearts and minds. ARMM officials accompaying Regional Governor comprised of Cabinet Assistant Secretary Datu Aleem Guiapal and Executive Director, Bureau of Public Information, Datu Amilbahar Mawallil.

USIM academes who facilitated the briefing with exclusive presentation were Assoc Prof Dr. Mohd Rushdan Mohd Jailani, Director, Centre for Quality Assurance, Policy and Academic Excellence; Assoc Prof Dr. Mahazan Abdul Mutalib, Director, Research Management and Innovation Centre; and Dr. Wan Mohd Fazrul Azdi Wan Razali, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Leadership and Management. Also in attendance were Dr. Hayati Ismail, Director, USIM ‘Alamiyyah; Senior Lecturer Dr. Khairunneezam Mohd Noor; Assistant Registrar Wan Norliyana; Research Assistants: Amar Abdul Rahman & Mohamad Adilah Mohamad Haini and Dr. Haji Zulkifly Baharom, CEO Sejahtera Leadership Initiative.

Qalb leadership model is in relation with body, mind and soul has enlightened Regional Governor & team thus, providing them a more comprehensive and balanced leadership style by connecting the spiritual hearts. However, this theory will only be good on paper, if there is no action on how to acheve it. Therefore, this Qalb leadership model that focused on a balanced and sustainable global reform can act as the bridge that connects theory and reality. As wisdom, courage, justice and temperance are the outer response of the inner self need a systematic decision making (DM) model that supports primordial human being through universal values such as faith, life, intellect, offspring and wealth. The DM model is blended of inputs, processes and outputs that provide continuos improvement for sustainable wellbeing (sejahtera) leadership for humanistic decision making.

Reflecting the situation in ARMM with upcoming implementation of Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), Regional Governor said, “When leaders focus on establishing trust, they are better able to deal with both the structural and the human elements of change. Instead of taking just a one-sided approach, leaders find they can be both tough and empathic, committed to the plan and understanding of the pain. They become agile and resilient, and able to do what it takes to lead through disruptive change and transition of power. As such, execution on the application of Qalb leadership can create and sustain an environment of trust during change, leaders must be comfortable with the tension of opposites.”


Prepared by :
Dr. Zulkifly Baharom
CEO Sejahtera Leadership Initiative