NILAI, 15th March 2018 –  Kolej PERMATA Insan’s Spiritual Committee and Members of the Halal Action for Young Scientist Project organized “Halal Slaughtering course & Halal Forum” on 15th March 2018. This is the first course organized by the Members of Halal Lab and it received positive response from Kolej PERMATA Insan students.

Many activities were designed as part of the programme. The first activity started at 8 a.m. with a briefing session from the Negeri Sembilan’s Islamic Religious Council representative. The procedures on how to slaughter an animal according to Islam (the halal way) were shared. Students also were given practical training to practice the Halal Slaughtering Techniques which were conducted in groups.

A forum entitled ‘Halal Issues and Our Roles’ was one of the most anticipated session. The three panellist forum, each with a professional background in Halal Industry were Dr. Mohd Mahyeddin Mohd Salleh from Faculty Syariah dan Law, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), Associate Professor Dr. Alina Abdul Rahim from Faculty of Science and Technology, USIM and Associate Professor Dr. Mohd Khan Ayob, Former lecturer from Faculty of Science and Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), the panellist discussed current Halal issues and it was moderated by Ahmad Faiz Yazid, 16.

The director of the programme, Irfan Ezani Shuhaim saw an opportunity to conduct this awareness programme during the short break after the Semester I 2018 examination. The main objective of this programme was to give the students awareness and insights to the procedures of animal slaughtering. It also managed to reach its objective to inform students to be sensitive towards global halal issues in empowering their roles as users for the future generation.

Professor Dr. Che Husna Azhari, Director of Kolej PERMATA Insan who is also the advisor of the programme added that the college will continue to support such programmes with great education content. It also opens the opportunity for the PERMATA Insan students to learn about halal issues, giving them a platform to channel their interest in that field.