NILAI – USIM’s STREAM team (Science, Technology, Religious, Engineering, Arts and Mathematical) of Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) has produced an easy-to-use “Lab in a box” product to attract students in exploring science at home. The main purpose of producing this product is to make science as students’ hobby or favourite game, as it is easy to understand, simple to implement and safe for students as young as 8 years old with the help and observation by parents and teachers.

Lab in a box” contains two basic kits or modules namely; Slime Making Kit and DIY Perfume. Both of these kits contain safe chemicals and tools to carry out the experiment. Hence, this method would be an interesting factor for students to get to know about science.

The Head of Research, Dr Muhammad Zamir Othman, stated that there was a high demand of 1000 units from teachers, parents and students to be distributed. In order to ensure the safety of the product, the kit went through several safeties screening as providing the ‘Know your chemical’ manual along in the box to give students clear clarification and exposure on the chemicals that will be used.

“To date, these two kits have successfully penetrated the Malaysian market in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Malaysia Innovation Agency in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical Strengthening Stewardship) initiatives through several state-run sessions including Sarawak, Kedah, Perak and Melaka. Besides, the DIY Perfume has got cooperation with local companies under the Elliadore brand.”

“The market price for Slime Making Kit is RM20 and can produce 3 types of slime, while DIY Perfume is RM40 that can produce 7 types of perfumes.

“We expect to produce 2 more new kits namely; the Production of Soap and Chemical Molecules. This is to improve the experimental options for students to explore science as to enhance their interest in the STEM field, “added Dr Zamir.

The lab in a box also has won the Gold medal award and Al-Khawarizmi award at Exposition on Islamic Innovation (I-INOVA) 2018.


Group members:

1)Dr Muhammad Zamir Othman (Leader)

2) Nur Atiqah Bt Md Isa

3) Siti Nazurah Bt Md Jusoh

4) Muhammad Nabil Bin Bazli

5) Raihan Binti Mohd Taib

6) Nur Syazwani Bt Zulkeflee

7) Farah Asyikin Bt Muhammed Maasus

8) Nor Atilia Athira Binti Zaahari