The mastery of Arabic language is the basis of understanding and reflecting Holy Quran, as it enhances one to grasp Islamic education especially in Tilawah Al-Quran.

“i-Majrurat” is a website that aids learning Arabic language vocabulary for public especially students who enrolled in Arabic language courses. This medium could draw their interest in learning Arabic as it can be accessed anywhere and anytime via Internet network especially it can be accessed through smartphones. This website discusses briefly relating to Majrurat topics that required by an Arabic language students to know; such as definitions, divisions, examples, I’rab method, mind-mapping and brief description that can help students to employ it in learning Arabic language.

According to Prof. Madya Dr. Mohammad Najib Jaffar, Majrurat is one of the main divisions of I’rab in Arabic language. Although Majrurat might seem as a simple topic in Arabic language but the practice of it is frequent in the language usage. The idea of introducing “i-Majrurat” was since his teaching years in Arabic Professional and Technology subjects five years ago; as he realizes that websites do not require paid servers and on the opportunity to disseminate knowledge interactively to public.

The advantage of this product on Arabic language vocabulary topics, Majrurat, is described using Web 2.0 applications such as Flipsnack, Screencast and so forth is explained comprehensively. By such medium, it is easy for public or students to access regardless of place and time; as well as loading gamification is permissible in order to attract public who are non-native speakers to learn Majrurat topics particularly and gain Arabic language skills.

“As an academician, having a high commitment is a challenge. Nonetheless, as the website is ready to be developed and there is an industry to collaborate along which was KAFA School of Integration of Bukit Changgang Youth Land Program, that we received a positive response from them; to utilize the website as the medium for their secondary teaching tool, it is worth the effort!”, he explained.

Associate Professor Dr. Mohammad Najib further added that, the division task on this collective assignment took approximately 6 months only among fellow researchers in developing the website and it was again patented by the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) on 2 December 2015. He was overwhelmed with gratitude to the university that has fully funded the cost on the patent’s application and processing.

The products have won several competitions as awarded Gold Medal in International Syariah Compliant Idea, Invention, Innovation and Design (iSCIIID 2016), Silver Medal at International University Carnival on E-Learning (IUCEL 2017) and Bronze Medal at International Conference and Exposition on Inventions by Institutions of Higher Learning (PECIPTA 2015). Head of Research:PM. Dr. Mohammad Najib Jaffar, Research Officers:Dr. Nurkhamimi Zainuddin,Dr. Azlan Shaiful Baharum,Mr. Aiman ​​Sha’ari


Research Officers:
Dr. Mohammad Najib Jaffar (Head of Researcher)
Dr. Nurkhamimi Zainuddin,
Dr. Azlan Shaiful Baharum,
En. Aiman Sha’ari