NILAI, 5 FEB 2016 – A group of students of Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) of the Faculty of Science and Technology landed safely in the homeland in the evening after a humanitarian mission for the Syrian refugees who sought refuge in Lebanon. A total of 11 final year students involved in the Global Islamic Student Outreach program (GISO) USIM starting January 29 until February 4, 2016.

For five days, the group of students has been delivering humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees there and all the aids are pouring in from contributions of Malaysians who are concerned about the humanitarian conflicts which resulted in catastrophe and the donations was amounting to almost RM 100,000.
A total of four refugee camps was visited by the students to allow and assist the distribution of humanitarian aid , which is located in Ketermaya ( the camp ) and Biqaa ( three camps ) but also focused on the settlement of Syrian refugees who are poor like in Alitah fich and care center for orphans and the poor .

USIM GISO humanitarian mission in Lebanon will also pay attention to various aspects of educational assistance to refugees children right there,and among them they have visited a school that houses about 300 students with 50 per cent of Syrian refugees. The group also took the opportunity to visit two universities such as Aljinan University and the Arts, Science and Technology University.

The donations given to Syrian refugees includes daily necessities such as blankets, basic food items, sleepwear, winter clothes, washing machines, stationery and games for children and kerosene heaters. Also provided is a financial contribution to the school library (USD 1000) and medical needs (USD5000).

Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Professor Dr. Norita Md Norwawi who participated in this humanitarian mission as the advisor expressed gratitude for the mission as it run smoothly and can be refined. “The mission to bring humanitarian aid to help Syrian refugees during winter in Lebanon was initially planned for 2015 but was postponed over some last minute changes. It is unbelievable  to explain the experience spent here as a companion of this program and I hope that the journey is blessed by Allah SWT. ”

The program has also received support from the Malaysian Life Line for Syria, Global Peace Mission Malaysia and ABIM. GISO USIM was introduced in 2011 and it focuses on the filling of community engagement (community engagement) which involves the transfer and sharing of knowledge between USIM students with Muslim communities abroad. Up to 2015, a total of 112 GISO programs was conducted involving 2,233 students and spanning 18 countries.


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