NILAI, May 24, 2017 – The uniqueness of personality, either externally or internally, among uniformed members, which comprise of undergraduate students, makes them can play a good role when interacting with people outside of campus. The advantages held by participating in uniformed bodies make these students different from the others (students).

This matter was highlighted by Senior Fire Superintendent I of the Students’ Brigade of Auxiliary Firefighters (SBB) of Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), Muhammad Haizuan Rozali in USIM’s Uniformed Bodies Assembly on Wednesday morning.

The assembly that took place in the Chancellery Square was attended by 500 members of various uniformed bodies under USIM’s Soft Skills Development Center (PPKI), such as the Students’ Auxiliary Police Corps (Suksis), the Reserve Officers Training (PALAPES), National Service Volunteer Brigade (BSKN), Student’s Civil Defense Corps (Sispa), and SBB itself.

“The presence of all uniformed bodies members is a symbol of solidarity in uplifting discipline and the spirit of togetherness as members of the university and as good citizens. All parties have agreed to form dynamic talents and high discipline framework, which are the most important milestones. Public universities have now demonstrated the flexibility to adapt the best knowledge and approach by other parties as a combination to strengthen the main forefront areas of each party”.

“I invite all members of uniformed bodies to be at the front lines of the university, or as we say as good ambassadors to represent the university. This is because members of these uniformed bodies are good and excellent in their studies, as well as having suitable personality and leadership to be role models to others,” remarks Muhammad Haizuan, the registrar of USIM.

He added that there is no exaggeration to say that the students who participated in these uniformed bodies should serve as ideal icons for campus students and for the outside community.

Muhammad Haizuan, who was newly appointed by the University as the commander for USIM’s Students’ Brigade of Auxiliary Firefighters, also conveyed the gratitude of the university’s management to the coaches of uniform bodies in USIM for their services and concerns in developing the nation through their knowledge and experience in their respective uniformed bodies.
The assembly of uniformed bodies was also attended by Dr. Abdul Manan Ismail, Director of Soft Skills Development Center, as well as senior and honorary officers of the uniformed bodies. The assembly that was attended by the Students’ Brigade of Auxiliary Firefighters included the pronouncement of pledge and parade inspection.

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