Nilai, 15 December 2018 – The ceremony of the donation giving by the office of Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan to Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) marks the continuous efforts from the state government to improve the development of the society in this state.

In the significant ceremony that took place at Dewan Tuanku Canselor, a number of 129 new Bachelor Degree students from the intake of academic session 2018/2019, who were born in Negeri Sembilan, received the donation from the Menteri Besar himself, YAB Tuan Haji Aminuddin Harun.

“It is hoped that the contribution can slightly reduce the financial burden of the students throughout their studies. The government hopes that all students can strive hard to enhance their human capital and soft skills by performing well in the academic as well as in the co-curriculum activities and they should also be actively engage with the community too,” he said.

In the same ceremony, the state government contributes RM250,000.00 to USIM for 2019 activities. From the amount, RM125,000.00 is allocated for the implementation agenda of USIM volunteerism and Jelajah Sukarelawan, while RM75,000.00 is for Program Cemerlang Akademik Sahsiah Terpuji (PROCAST) and the rest of RM50,000.00 is allocated for GISO.

“It is hoped that through this donation, USIM can ensure that its strategic planning in 2019 can be accomplished successfully and we would like to assure that the state government always strongly support USIM in implementing this agenda for the benefits of the society,” he added.

Meanwhile, YBhg Prof. Dato Dr Hassan Basri Awang Mat Dahan, who is acting as the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Students Affairs and Alumni, claimed that PROCAST which is co-organised by the Education Department of Negeri Sembilan, will be conducted again next year to a number of secondary schools in Negeri Sembilan after the first trial of PROCAST last November was a success.

PROCAST is a programme to enhance the development of characters and academic achievement among secondary school students in Negeri Sembilan.

Also present in the ceremony were YB Dr Razali Abd Malik, The Secretary of the state government of Negeri Sembilan who is also the member of the Board of Directors of USIM, and YB Encik Abdul Razak Kamarulzaman, the Deputy Chairman of Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia Negeri Sembilan.

Prepared by:
Syazlyna Jamil
Pusat Komunikasi Strategik (StraComm)
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