NILAI, November, 23, 2017 – Faces of delighted graduands. A number of 2,562 graduands are conferred with their scrolls in the 3 days ceremony which begins from November 21 to November 23, 2017 at Tuanku Canselor Hall.

This eldest of two siblings from Raub Pahang, Maisarah Thulhuda Binti Mat Jafri, 24, shared her joy with her beloved mother. She, who held a Bachelor’s Degree in Quran and Sunnah Studies, was aspired to become an educator in the field of Al-Quran. She is now a part-time lecturer at the Academy of Islamic Studies Raudhatul  Quran in Raub Pahang.



A young couple, Noor Atikah Abdul Rahman and husband, Mohamad Asyraf Saharudin, who have a two year old and a month old children were thrilled to be able to hold their graduation scrolls together during Session 2 of USIM’s 15th Convocation Ceremony.

As students of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, they had no problem dividing time between family and studies. “We were married during the clinical year 4. 5 and year 6. The learning process was maximized during the 3 years in the hospital. To do revision, my wife will study early in the morning when the children were asleep, and I studied using a tablet that can easily be referred to at any time, “said Mohamad Asyraf.


A pair of twins, Sharifah Shuhada and Sharifah Shahira Syed Hashim, 23 years old, were among the graduands who stole the attention in the second session convocation ceremony. They shared everything including interest and desire to become a lecturer. Both of them are now teaching temporarily at SABK Maahad Al-Ummah Chemor Perak while furthering their Masters studies.



With the motivation from the counselling teacher while in high school, Sahran Sudin planted the ambition to become a dentist. The third of five siblings received sponsorship from JPA and is still waiting for a post in the Ministry of Health. His memorable challenge during his studies was to get suitable patients and cases for his practical (year 3-5). He faced patients who were difficult to attend treatment sessions, and this disrupted the procedure for a dental student to complete his year of studies.


Umi Maisarah Mohd Shukri from Kota Bharu Kelantan was one of the first 13 graduands of Bachelor’s Degree in Quranic and Sunnah Studies with honours. These graduands are the production of a collaboration between USIM and Kolej Universiti Islam Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah (KUIPSAS).  She who obtained 3.69 pointers (First Class) of the course wishes to further her studies at Masters level.


With the intention to aid her family, Sharifah Najwa Farhana Syed Shahabudin, 24, was determined to find her own pocket money for her daily expenditures. The PTPTN loan money was shared with her sister who is pursuing her Diploma in

Salak Tinggi. She was happy and touched and wanted to prove to her siblings that even though they from a modest family, education remains as top priority to change the fate of the family. The second child of seven siblings from Terengganu graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Counselling.