NILAI, June 20, 2019 – Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) is currently in the process of signing a Memorandum of Understanding to implement the K4C (Knowledge for Change) project, an international consortium for Community-based Research.

The project will also obtain the cooperation of related community organisations, namely Kampong Bharu Corporation Board or Malay Agricultural Settlement (M.A.S.) and the Malaysian Youth Council (MBM) around this July.

According to Assoc Prof Dr Mahazan Abd Mutalib, Director of Research and Innovation Management Centre as USIM representative for the K4C project, the K4C consortium is aimed at developing the capacity of institutions and community through the Mentor Training Programme (MTP) and research activities with the community.

“This project will ensure that the community is knowledgeable and skilled in the designed learning curriculum, as MTP’s main outcomes are to educate the people, eradicate poverty, and reduce social and economic inequalities while promoting prosperity and wellbeing for all,” he said during the first meeting with all members involved.

“It shows that USIM is aiming to realise the aspiration of the Education Minister, YB Dr Maszlee Malik who wants universities to be a platform for promoting involvement in the local community to deliver knowledge and skills through research at the universities,” he added.

Meanwhile, M.A.S. Honorary Secretary Hj Shamsuri Suradi commented that if this project is to be implemented, it will provide numerous benefits to Kg Bharu residents as they will have the opportunity to learn new knowledge through various teaching techniques.

“I foresee that the people here will have the opportunity to enjoy education. Even though it is not at the University or through formal education, in the end, the knowledge they will gain from the programme will help them change to a better lifestyle,” he said.

“I am deeply touched, and I welcome USIM’s intention to select Kg Bharu residents as the respondents in the K4C program,” he added.

At the UNESCO level, this Project will be headed by Prof. Dr. Budd Hall of the University of Victoria, Canada and Dr Rajesh Tandon of the PRIA International Academy, India.

Prepared by:
Dr Fauziah Hasan
Pusat Komunikasi Strategik (StraComm)
Aras 1, Canselori Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)
71800 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan