NILAI, November 4, 2019- In pursuit of sustainable development goals by 2030, the University of Islamic Sciences Malaysia (USIM) has developed a preliminary strategy to identify critical issues in achieving sustainable development agenda by setting up a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to see the balance between sustainable development goals and the needs of the people through research based Community-based Research in collaboration with the Malaysian Youth Council (MBM) and the Kampong Bharu MAS Board of Directors (MAS).

According to USIM’s Director of Research and Innovation Center (PPPI), Associate Professor Dr. Mahazan Abdul Mutalib @ Taib, who has been part of UNESCO’s Mentor Training Program (MTP), the MoU is a platform for the implementation of a sustainable development agenda where USIM is responsible for focusing on SDG4, which is quality education.

“Through the cooperation of MBM and MAS, the goal of making the university a UNESCO sustainable development target (SDGs) especially SDG 4 (Education) will be achieved through community-based research, especially in the community in Kampong Bharu by providing the community an opportunity to collaborate with researchers while encouraging lifelong learning opportunities for all, ”he said.

This is because community education is proven to have a practical impact and can bring about change from the grassroots and provide opportunities for residents to enjoy informal education, he added.

Meanwhile, Deputy Director of Innovation Unit, Product Development and Commercialization, PPPI USIM, Dr. Sundresan A / L Perumal said USIM would provide resources and space if training involved central areas such as Kuala Lumpur and Selangor as well as the southern region.

The signing ceremony was represented by USIM Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dr. Mohamed Ridza Wahiddin, MBM was represented by Mr. Jufitri Bin Joha while M.A.S was represented by Mr. Haji Shamsuri Bin Haji Suradi. At the same time, USP’s PPPI also signed an MoU with Stradford International College (SIC) represented by En. Kumar Ghosh, the Director of SIC. SIC is an organization registered with the Human Resource Development Fund.

The MoU encompasses various forms of collaborations and has the potential to strengthen, promote and develop technical, research and technica-basedl training programs, as well as industry-related 4.0 revolutions that will bring about a new transformation in technical-based education.

Earlier, USIM, MBM and MAS, in collaboration with The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), had earlier collaborated on the success of the K4C (Knowledge for Change) project, an international consortium for Community-based Research ) aimed at building the capacity of an institution and community through the Mentor Training Program (MTP) and research activities with the community.

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