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USIM aspires to produce a generation of balanced multi-lingual leaders who are respected, referred and relevant with a social conscience. The social responsibility and awareness among staff and students are achieved through several programmes, one of which is the Global Islamic Staff/Student Outreach Programme (GISO). Recognised as USIM’s highly successful flagship programmes, GISO outreach projects are merit based which are initiated and implemented overseas using funds raised by the staff and students. To date more than 40 countries have benefitted from this programme.


Ever since its implementation in 2011, The USIM GISO Adventure has been a great platform for students to get involved in worldwide missions of dakwah through various community engagement projects and volunteering activities, especially in Muslim-minority countries.
Following its sixth year, The USIM GISO has a record of 157 Adventures, involving a participation of 3181 students and across twenty countries, among which are China, the Philippines, Australia, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Maldives, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South Korea, India, Singapore, Brunei, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan.
In its effort to empower the communities for a better life transformation, this community engagement project is focusing on knowledge sharing and information transfer between students and local communities. Such projects include:
  1. Hygiene and Sanitation Facilities
  2. Read, Write, Count (3M)
  3. Basic Fardu Ain and Quran Reading
  4. Orphanage Visits
  5. Arabic and English Classes
  6. Qurban and Aqiqah
  7. Calligraphy Skills
  8. Mini Library
  9. Almsgiving
  10. Cultural Arts
  11. Waqf
  12. Artistic Therapy
  13. Knowledge on Personal Hygiene
  14. Group and Individual Counselling Session
  15. Braille Quran
  16. Sports Clinic



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