Project Description


NAISE 1.0 allow query in one language targeted to documents in a different language through QuHex Indexing model in the form of machine language understood by computers. QuHex Indexing is a unique representation in binary, independent of the original language that optimize space and search speed. The Contributions is To Bring Natural Languages Closer to Machine in Information Retrieval and To Improve Machine’s understanding for different natural languages in Information Retrieval.

NAISE 1.0 : Cross Lingual Information Retrieval With QuHex Indexing Model

Prof. Dr. Norita Binti Md Norwawi
Ahmad Akmaluddin B Mazlan, Siti Mazura Bt Che Doi, Dr Roesnita Ismail, Dr Fauziah Abd Salam
ITEX 2016

  • Bronze Medal

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