Counselling services help individuals to explore their academic and social development and personal potential as well as facilitate the process of adaptation to campus life. Psychology and Counselling Unit, Student Affairs Division provides counsellors who are registered with the Board of Counsellors and it is open to all students of USIM for free.

Tamhidi and Undergraduates students may request for a counselling session via i-Counseling that can be accessed through their i-Student portal. For other students please call 06-7986144 or email the counsellors to make an appointment.

1. Available services

Individual counselling
Personal Academic Career Financial
Family Self* Relationship Emotion
Group Counselling
Learning Group Self-development Group
Counselling Clinic/Psychological Test
VARK Learning Techniques Identification Inventory SDS and IMKS Career Interest Inventory
Sidek Personality Inventory (IPS) Colour Personality Inventory (IPW)
Love Styles Inventory (IGB)

DASS Inventory
(Depression, Anxiety & Stress)
Personality Test Type A & B Emotional Intelligence Inventory
Time Management Inventory

Myers Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI)
Other Services
Coaching Services Hypnosis Therapy
Peers Club Services (PRU) Buddy Services

2. Annual Activities

  • Self-transformation Programme (PTD)
  • Chit-chat with Counsellor (SEKA)
  • Let’s Plan, Step Right Up Programme
  • Psychosocial Programme
  • USIM Intervarsity Young Motivator Competition (IMAC)
  • i-Care Programme
  • Future Talents Workshop Series (FLUENTS)

3. Counsellor:

Masni Md Hasim. KB.PA.
Head of Unit

Fadhilah Othman. KB.PA.
Senior Psychology Officer

Nur Farhana Sulaiman. KB.PA.
Senior Psychology Officer

Tuan Mohd Ameer Tuan Ismail. KB.PA.
Psychology Officer

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